noun \ˈyərn\ er

:a person with a strong desire or wish for something or to do something


Keep Yarning is a group of dreamers, artists, doers and makers who enjoy creating personal and quality hand-crafted products.


Keep Yarning is a lifestyle and livelihood project that aims to empower individuals and build the sense of community.




New beginnings

As you start a new chapter in life, we will be there to fill it up with   products that help you define a home of your own.

Refined spaces

We believe that by enriching a space in your home, we can develop a memorable and satisfying experience worth sharing.

Happier heart 
Through each space we cultivate, comes a happy and memorable experience that is healthy and enjoyable. Uplifting your spaces means uplifting the quality of life.


Our KY Crafters are housewives from small communities in Quezon City. They are women who dream of earning while attending to their household. They are women who are inspired and are determined to learn, create, and grow.